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We now provide newly updated car endoscope camera for faster service and higher quality. Provide an extensive range of conventional keys, programming devices, and key programming machines. However, we established in 1992 to produce keys; in 2002, we began offering car programming services. Provide a large selection of key programming machines, chips, locking devices, and auto locks.

For some automobile models, we can read the Immobilizer ECU Pin Code, which is required to program a new key into the vehicle. In addition, the firm creates software for vehicle diagnostics that reads and erases problem codes from the car’s memory, programs all electrical modules, and programs tachometers and odometers. In addition, we offer software for reading pin codes, key programming, and a car endoscopes camera.

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The foundation of the company’s competitors is talent. We have a competent, effective, united, and committed development, manufacturing, and sales team. They operate on the company philosophy for car endoscope camera. Every employee gains a sense of ownership through frequent business training and a strong competitive system. We continuously strive for improvement, add value for our clients, and accomplish win-win outcomes because we uphold the values of “integrity, unity, innovation, and win-win”!


Are endoscopes and borescopes the same?
While they are not precisely the same, endoscopes and borescopes are comparable.
What is the camera app for endoscopy?
Software created specifically for use with compatible endoscopic cameras is known as an endoscope camera app.
How do endoscopes get examined?
To guarantee optimal operation, endoscopes go through extensive visual inspections, functional tests, leak testing, and stringent cleaning procedures.

Our Main Products

These are our main products as stated below:


Applicable to various scenarios
multiple application scenarios, simple and ingenious to meet various needs.


The S50 is a high-performance industrial endoscope camera with a 5 inch HD color display. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate. In addition, the S50 includes self-storage to support photo and video functions as well as a Micro SD card expansion function.


The latest 180°two-way Articulation Borescope camera control wheel can easily done all of them!! Gives you ability to reach the positions where you want to see inside a complicated system that can’t before.


HD Endoscope camera with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen that allows you to view high-definition images in real time. Easy to operate, you can use it immediately when it is powered on. No need to use your smartphone to connect to the WIFI and no need to download any driver software. So you do not need to worry about dirtying your expensive phone at work too.

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