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As the leading HD industrial endoscope manufacturer, we are a firm located in Hong Kong that specializes in finding and creating high-tech, high-quality items at affordable costs and volumes. We guarantee on-time delivery and product quality that satisfies your requirements. However, we are a trading and distribution firm that was founded in 2015 and provides a large selection of testing equipment and electrical items.

We, as hd industrial endoscope producer, deliver superior items at competitive pricing together with above-and-beyond customer service. Thus, we have developed a reservoir of research and I&T expertise over the years, and it has won several international honors for its trailblazing inventions and exceptional commercial and community accomplishments. By 2022–2023, we will have issued over 1,050 patents in the US, the Mainland, and other nations, in addition to having transferred over 1,400 inventions to the industry.

HD Industrial Endoscope Producer

One of our primary objectives as an hd industrial endoscope manufacturer is to assist clients in maximizing business prospects from the booming technology sector and enhancing their competitive advantages. Clients and collaborators can enhance their effectiveness by utilizing proficiency and scientific accomplishments.

Transfers of Technology

Commercially viable technology extensive portfolios are easily available in the market. A total of over HK$450 million in revenue was obtained from the industry as a result of around 1,400 instances of intellectual transfers carried out through research contracts, technology licensing, and other kinds of cooperation.

R&D Experts

Teams of bright researchers are in guidance by capable experts, many of whom are well-known technologists in their domains. Out of the 600 employees, 23 percent have PhDs and over 56 percent have master’s degrees.

Intellectual Assets

As HD industrial endoscope producer, we have developed several in-house, patent-protected technologies. Over 1,400 patents have been submitted by the institution since its founding. Over 1,050 of those are already in approval.


What applications does an industrial endoscope have?
Industrial endoscopes are useful for inspections of machinery or hard-to-reach places to perform maintenance.
How come my endoscope is fuzzy?
For several causes, including a dirty lens, poor focus, broken parts, or poor optics, endoscopes might seem fuzzy.
What is the endoscopic camera’s diameter?
Depending on the type and intended application, an endoscopic camera’s diameter might vary greatly. Thus, from a few millimeters to several millimeters.

Our Main Products

These are our main products as stated below:


Applicable to various scenarios
multiple application scenarios, simple and ingenious to meet various needs.


The S50 is a high-performance industrial endoscope camera with a 5 inch HD color display. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate. In addition, the S50 includes self-storage to support photo and video functions as well as a Micro SD card expansion function.


The latest 180°two-way Articulation Borescope camera control wheel can easily done all of them!! Gives you ability to reach the positions where you want to see inside a complicated system that can’t before.


HD Endoscope camera with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen that allows you to view high-definition images in real time. Easy to operate, you can use it immediately when it is powered on. No need to use your smartphone to connect to the WIFI and no need to download any driver software. So you do not need to worry about dirtying your expensive phone at work too.

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